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20 Greatest Hits / Folder nr. 20

Collection of "20 Greatest Hits for piano and accordion". Edited by Blaž Slavko Avsenik. Released in 2018.
10.00 €

Book Brata Avsenik - Evropski glasbeni fenomen iz Begunj na Gorenjskem

The book illustrates the beginnings onf the Avsenik ensemble. A phenomenal book by an excellent writer Ivan Sivec. Available in slovenian.
20.00 €

Brothers Avsenik comp. - for 2 accordions

Musical notation for two accordions!
18.00 €

Original arrangements of songs by the Avsenik Brothers Ensemble / Folder nr. 15

Original Quintet Arrangement: Piano accordion, bass, clarinet, trumpet, guitar and vocal.
16.00 €

Obekrainer Guitar lessons - slovenian version

Methods of playing guitar of Leo Ponikvar. Written by Gerhard Kraus.
43.80 €

With my Harmonica, Urška Urbanija Žun

Harmonika-notebook for beginners. All Avsenik C are transponed into C-major, in slovenian language.
15.00 €