Discography of brothers Avsenik: Aleksi Jercog

New from publishing house Avsenik!! Bilingual catalog of the life-work from Slavko in Vilko Avsenik. More than 400 pages.
45.00 €

This discography is an author work of  publishing house Avsenik and of our  coworker- the journalist  Aleksi Jercog. Some of you already know him, he is also the author of our previous book-the  chronology "S polko v svet" (With polka into the world). The book Goldene Oberkranerklänge 1953-2016  is a priceless work for all the experts and all Avsenik fans. It represents all the musical work of the Avsenik brothers and it is a project, that took three years of work. But now it is here, and it will stay forever as a part of slovenian cultural heritage.

Enjoy reading it!


 Click on trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3TH1SpGxHpY 

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