Book S polko v svet - Glasbene poti bratov Avsenik

Slovenian book by Aleksij Jercog , commentary by Saša Martelanc . It brings an insight to the Ensamble's work in the Trieste area. Available only in slovenian but includes footnotes in german and english.
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55 years of Avsenik's music that became a culutural phenomenin in continental european cultural space. Written by a publicist, trieste radio editor and musician Aleksi Jercog, who has spent many year researching Avsenik's music. A publicist, cultural worker Saša Martelanc enriched the book by adding many memories to Avsenik's music.
This is the most recent biography of this legendary ensemble that is rich in data and images. It is a must have for any folk music lover, even for slovenian history researchers. The book is enriched by many photographies, album covers, data, awards, recognitions. Short abstracts in english and german available on each page of the book.
Technical data:
Measurements: 279 x 210 mm, 111 pages, colour print
Year of release: 2008, Založba Avsenik

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